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Women of Holy Week

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Tess Lowe

Revd Sue Rose and friends will be reading “Women of Holy Week” to engage in the Passion Story with fresh eyes. Join them on Zoom if you would like to listen in. On Sunday 10th, Joanna and Salome’s stories will be read by Tess and Jane.

  • Part 1: Miriam and Sarah : Wednesday 6th April at 7pm
  • Part 2: Anna and Susannah : Thursday 7th April at 7pm
  • Part 3: Joanna and Salome : Sunday 10th April at 7pm
  • Part 4: Mary Magdalene and Mary wife of Clopas : Wednesday 13th April at 7pm
  • Part 5: Mary, Mother of Jesus :Good Friday 15th April at 7pm

Join us on Zoom (Episodes will later be available on their YouTube channel)

Meeting ID: 856 8657 8437
Passcode: 647886