Pew Cushions

All Saints Biddenden

The pew cushions were started in 1990 when Gordon Treliving designed ‘Heraldry’ featuring the arms of eight well know Kent families. He finished this after six months work and presented it to the church in 1991.

There are 25 pew cushions (three examples are given below). The shorter ones have approximately 115,000 stitches and the longer ones approximately 135,000 stitches in each. They have been individually designed to suit the interests of the people they are dedicated to, and subject range from racing cars and motorbikes to cows and sheep. Each one has taken approximately a year to complete.

Designed by Deborah Treliving, worked by Amy Sinclair
Ascension pew cushion for All Saints Church Biddenden
When Gordon died in 2003 the church thought it fitting to have another cushion in his memory. Amy Sinclair knowing Gordon had always wanted to do an abstract design asked his daughter Deborah to produce this kind of design. The design inspired by light through stained glass windows was drawn on graph paper and enlarged to transfer the design to the canvas.

The Eucharist
Worked by Gordon Treliving
Eucharist pew cushion for All Saints Church Biddenden
Donated by Mr & Mrs Michael Skinner in memory of R.W. & D.E. Skinner, C.N. & E.A. Fulford and R.E. Glazier.

On Our Farm
Worked by Stuart Nicholson (retired Biddenden village policeman)
Farm pew cushion for All Saints Church Biddenden
Donated by Major George Pendred in memory of his wife Joan Greta and their sons Philip and Robin.

More information on all our pew cushions is set out in a leaflet available in church, cost £1.

Photography by Ian Sinclair

St Michael Smarden

A group is meeting regularly to sew pew cushions for Smarden Church, see the Calendar page for more details.