What is Active Church and how can I get involved?

Active Church is a once per month service for families with younger children. This is a joint Smarden and Biddenden service that we host it at St Michael the Archangel Church in Smarden. It’s a little bit like a modern version of Sunday School but with a lot more glitter paint and messy activities.

We meet on the third Sunday of the month at 10.30am in Smarden Church. Each session will revolve around one of the lighter stories in the bible where we look at the lesson it tries to teach us and how we can adapt that in the modern world. We do crafts, activities and science experiments connected to the story.

Mostly aimed at families with children from 0 years to year 6 or 7, but older children are warmly encouraged and may like to help out or lead one of the activities.

Active Church is based on the ‘Messy Church’ approach to Sunday family worship. There a short video explaining our ethos here:

This can make a very nice gentle introduction to the Christian faith for children, or a reintroduction to parents who might not have been to church since they were children!  We are Christians but people of any faiths or even no faith at all are very welcome. You accompany your children for the session and there is tea, coffee, and refreshments at the end. We are usually finished by 11.30-12pm.

It doesn’t cost anything and there is no need to book, or anything like that. Just turn up in time for 10.30am! For more information or to be added to our Active Church email list, please contact:

Revd. Tess Lowe rector@sbcofe.org or

Active Church Leader Stu Tucker: stu_tucker@yahoo.co.uk


Stu Tucker

Active Church Leader