This coming Sunday 31st May  we will celebrating Pentecost with an online Zoom  service at 10am.

Join us at 10am with this link:
Meeting ID: 886 6633 1870

Every week we hold a live streaming Sunday Service at 10am :

Join us at 10am with this link:
Meeting ID: 663-570-899

After our service join us for coffee:

After the streamed service  we are going to have a virtual equivalent of coffee so that you have the opportunity to see and speak to people.  We have set up separate Zoom sessions for each church, details of which are below.  You will need to leave the service meeting and then click on the link the join the relevant ‘coffee’ session – whether or not you would like to make yourself a cup of tea of coffee is up to you!

When you join the meeting your microphone and video will be on so please be aware of this and remember that everyone else can see and hear everything, however quiet you think you are being.  Also, please bear in mind that Zoom will only pick up one person speaking at a time – it will cut in and out if everyone speaks at the same time.  If you would like to mute yourself then click on the microphone icon (top of the screen on an ipad (you might need to tap on the screen to see it), bottom of the screen on a computer) – a red line through it means you are muted so no one can hear you, no line means everyone else can hear (the same for the video).

Smarden virtual coffee – Hosted by Edward Demry
Meeting ID: 994 0340 6365
Password: 2F6mqQ

Biddenden virtual coffee
Meeting ID: 735 397 504

Bethersden virtual coffee – Hosted by Sam Buckman
Meeting ID: 778 5707 3729
Password: 675209

High Halden virtual coffee – Hosted by Chris and Pauline Rose
Meeting ID: 853 626 0947

Woodchurch virtual coffee
Sorry this is not available this week.  Will you have a go at hosting this for us?  Please contact Alex.

Further details on how you can join us

Click on the Zoom link. We find it works best if you have to download the Zoom software on your computer first, but it will work via a web browser as well.  Sign in using the relevant meeting ID, given above. It should only take a few minutes, but it’s worth giving yourself plenty of time to complete before we due to start. Generally we’ll be ready and live streaming 30mins before a service starts, to sort out any technical difficulties.  We’ll be controlling your microphones, so don’t worry about muting and un-muting your microphone.  Your microphone will automatically be set to mute when you log in.

It’s also possible to join by phoning one of the numbers. If one is engaged try another number. It’s great if you let people know who don’t have access to a computer this possibility.


Other notices:

To encourage your prayer:

There are many resources to support and encourage our prayer our prayer at this time.  One key opportunity, is to take part in an on-line Week of Accompanied prayer.  Participants put aside some time each day for prayer.  You will then be paired with a Prayer Accompanier, who will either phone you or make contact via computer at the same time each for 20-30minutes.  The organisers explain “The intention is for you to listen to God through prayer with scripture and in talking and reflection with your Accompanier, who will listen and may suggest various scripture passages for you to us.”  Please phone Janet McDonald 01227 860837 for further details. or click here for more information.

Further resources for prayer:

A daily bible verse from the community of Taize:.
Taize bible verse.  Scoll to bottom of page for link to load onto smart phones.


Links to Smart phone apps:
The Church of England:

Morning and Evening prayer app – Free
Midday prayer and Night prayer app – Free
Thy Kingdom come app – Free
Reflections for daily prayer – Free


Other publishers:

Scripture Union App – Subscription
Bible Reading Fellowship: Day by day with God: Rooting women’s lives in the Bible – Subscription
Bible Reading Fellowship Guidelines: Bible Study more in depth bible study – Subscription
Bible Reading Fellowship: New Daylight – Subscription
Lectio365 – Daily reading and meditation – Free

Those interested in keeping up to date with the Sunday readings:

Sunday readings and prayers


APCM and Electoral Roll 2020

Due to the Covid 19 Crisis, Diocesan House have stated that APCM dates and Electoral Rolls can be rescueduled up to 31st October 2020.

The new APCM dates are as follows:-

  •  Biddenden APCM will be Monday 19th October 2020
  • Smarden APCM will be Monday 26th October 2020

We will also amend the Electoral Roll processing accordingly and send out relevant notices asap.

All Saints Biddenden Electoral Roll Web Form

St. Michael the Archangel Electoral Roll Form