Biddenden Historical Registers

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Tess Lowe

Burials in All Saints Biddenden Churchyard 1877 – 1992

The handwritten Burials Registers between these two dates were transcribed into electronic form by Angie Joy in 2009.  They are provided here to help people who have a historical connection to the village with their family research.  Please refer to the notes and disclaimer below.

To access the registers, under Quick Links, click Burials Register for the full register sorted by surname.  Below this is the Register with Comments, also alphabetical by surname, with a transcript of the handwritten comments that had to be removed from the main Register file for reasons of space.  Articles 1 and 2, originally published in the Parish Magazine, were inspired by the work of transcribing the registers. The churchyard map is designed help locate a particular grave.

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Burials Register
Burials Register with Comments
Article 1
Article 2
Churchyard map & grave locator

Disclaimer: the writing in the original handwritten Register is in places faint or illegible. People should consult the Register iteslf for the definitive version of their entry.

A question mark is used in the transcript to replace each illegible letter. In places a suggested word is inserted in italics.

Guidance from (church records / recording burials) was followed when deciding how to set out part of the transcription. Some suggestions included:

  • Capital letters for surnames
  • The particular date format
  • The use of the letters ‘w’, ‘m’, and ‘y’ to denote weeks, months and years when giving age at death.

The column headed ‘Number’ refers to the number each entry is given in the original Burials Register.

Some entries were written in the margins on the original Burials Register. These refer to burials which were omitted from the register at the time of burial but added at a later date. The transcriber has added the full entry under the date on which the burial actually took place and cross-referenced to the place where the entry first appeared.

In the comments column of the original register, some unusual marks were occasionally added in the margin which have been reproduced in the transcriptiong. It is not clear what all of them signify

Interested persons are kindly requested to make use of this internet version as far as possible. However, a paper copy can be inspected if necessary when the church is open to visitors (check Visitors page) or by prior arrangement with the church administrator, who can be reached at