Walk Church – 24th March – Sheldwich

This month, Sunday 24th March we meet outside St. James, Sheldwich, ME13 0PA. 1:45 for 2pm.

It’s an area a bit further from where we have started most Walk Church sessions so far. So this month brings different scenery. There are wide open fields, but also sections of woodland. We also have a geological feature of interest a wide open dry chalk valley. Here the path gets quite steep. Crossing the valley, and coming back up out, we take in a small section of sweeping parkland, before heading back to Sheldwich church.

Arriving back at Sheldwich Church we will be welcomed with tea and cake, generously offered by the local congregation!

Helpful information: The route which is just under 4 miles. When it was walked, no livestock was encountered, but cattle and sheep have been in some of the fields. There are a couple of short steep sections. There was only one low stile. There is good parking available in a public car park outside Sheldwich