Safe Guarding

Safeguarding Policy Statement for Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adult

We strive to ensure our churches are an environment in which children, young people and vulnerable adults are safe from abuse, individuals are not placed in a situation where there is a possibility of false accusations being made and in which any suspicion or allegation is promptly and appropriately responded to. To achieve this, we will minimise potential opportunities for the abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We operate safer recruitment processes in line with Diocesan guidelines and help to protect staff and volunteers by promoting good practice.

This policy aims to clarify roles and responsibilities, procedures and guidelines, documentation required, definitions and staff awareness, training and support.

In our churches, we foster relationships of the utmost integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness. Those who work for our churches, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, need to exercise the greatest care in the use of power. They must not take advantage of trust.

The highest standards will be maintained in all contacts with children, young people and vulnerable adults. Volunteers will be asked to do awareness training and will be offered appropriate support.

The exploitation of any relationship will not be tolerated and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously. Biddenden and Smarden Churches will co-operate fully with the statutory agencies in every situation and will not conduct their own investigations.

Our Safe Guarding Manual can be downloaded here: Benefice of Biddenden and Smarden Safeguarding Policy Manual

Adopted by Smarden and Biddenden PCC’s June 2018.

All Saints Bidddenden Safe Guarding officer: Julie Lupton 01580 291658

St. Michael Smarden Safe Guarding officer: Sian Newman 01233 770296